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Microchip Technology Announces Qi® v2.0 Compliant, dsPIC33-Based Reference Designs

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Update time : 2024-03-30 11:25:11
Due to the efforts of major charger manufacturers, including the automotive industry, to implement Qi ®  According to the v2.0 (Qi2) standard, Microchip Technology Inc. announced the launch of the Qi 2.0 dual pad wireless power transmitter reference design. The Qi2 reference design is supported by a single dsPIC33 digital signal controller (DSC), providing efficient control to optimize performance.
Safety has always been a top priority in automotive applications to provide reliable protection for the operation of automobiles and end-users. Microchip Technology Inc. now offers a brand new certified functional safety package, allowing engineers to develop products according to ISO 26262 functional safety standards. Microchip has officially released the ISO 26262 functional safety package for dsPIC33C digital signal controllers (DSC), PIC18, and AVR microcontrollers (MCU), accelerating the development of safety critical designs for ASIL B and ASIL C safety levels and certification work
A key feature of the new Qi2 standard recently released by the Wireless Charging Consortium (WPC) is the introduction of Magnetic Power Profile (MPP), which supports magnetic alignment between transmitters and receivers. The flexible software architecture of DSC can support Qi 2.0's MPP and Extended Power Profile (EPP) combination through a controller.
The complete functional safety ecosystem of the dsPIC33C digital signal controller includes:
A dsPIC33C digital signal controller with functional safety readiness certified by AEC Q100 level 0, equipped with dedicated hardware safety features
SGS T? V Saar certified ASIL B Ready Failure Mode, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA) report and Functional Safety Manual (FSM)
German Rhine T? V certified functional safety diagnostic library, suitable for designs up to ASIL C
A functional safety reference application that displays the steps required for developing compliant designs, as well as the ancillary functions that must be generated for compliance with ASIL B or ASIL C
Various functional safety analysis reports and certification reports help simplify compliance and certification
The complete functional safety ecosystem of PIC18 and AVR microcontrollers includes:
PIC18-Q84 microcontroller with flexible data rate controller area network (CAN FD) and AVR DA microcontroller with local interconnect network (LIN) interface, both of which provide hardware support for capacitive touch sensors, certified by AEC Q100 Level 1 for functional safety readiness
SGS TUV Saar certified ASIL B Ready Failure Mode, Effects and Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA) report and Functional Safety Manual (FSM)
As part of the reference design, Microchip can provide design files and software aimed at creating an easy design experience and achieving success all at once. This design includes the dsPIC33 DSC and TA100/TA010 Trust Anchor secure storage subsystems, provided by Microchip as the Manufacturer Certificate Authority authorized by the Wireless Charging Consortium (WPC).
Main features: Supports Qi 2.0 dual port transmitter; MPLA and Q-FOD; Thermal power reversal and shutdown; The transmitter based on fixed frequency topology control can optimize EMI/EMC performance; Easy integration into the automotive environment through CAN FD hardware/software; DsPIC33 can integrate near-field communication (NFC) for card detection/protection and communication; UART USB communication and GUI for advanced reporting/debugging of data packets; The hardware can be reconfigured and can support most transmitter topologies.
"With the increasing complexity of automobiles and electronic products, functional safety requirements in automotive design have become increasingly stringent. In order to help our customers develop security applications quickly with minimal risk and budget, Microchip has greatly expanded its business scope of certified security documents and diagnostic self inspection libraries, development tools, and technical support. As a major supplier in the automotive market, we will continue to expand our functional safety support to help our customers gain a competitive advantage."
Thomas Steffens, head of the TUV Rheinland Group's functional safety and network security certification body, said, "As a functional safety certification body, the TUV Rheinland Group provides independent audit, verification, evaluation, and certification services related to ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 to support quality and safety. Based on our evaluation results based on the ISO 26262 certification program, we confirm that the safety diagnostic library of the Microchip dsPIC33C digital signal controller series meets the requirements of ASIL C. Therefore, this diagnostic library can be used for automotive safety related applications targeting ASIL C."

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